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According to the Wall Street Journal ALL businesses must have a Internet presence in today's business world.  Second only to direct referrals, the web is now considered to be the second most powerful advertising tool available.  If you own or operate a business, you NEED an Internet presence!

Have you ever wanted to get a web site, but have not know how to do it or what it would cost?  Now, you can have your first business web page for only $100.00!

We have the perfect First Site website package for you!  Fill in one form, send us your logo or photo, and we'll take care of the rest - No Hassles - 1 domain - 1 mailbox - 1 web page - 1 year! First Site website design!!

Order Now!

OK, here is what you get:

1 year

domain name registration

1 year

web page of your business details - Who, What, Where, How and When about your business, including a photo or business logo that you provide us

1 year

hosting of your web page

1 year

business email with multiple addresses - ie,, are all allowed

1 mailbox

forwarded for 1 year to your personal yahoo, hotmail or other ISP email account

Order Now!


If you are looking for more, let us know and we will give you a quote for what you need for your business.  Contact us at



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