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Yeti Services is my home.  This is the place I will provide information about my company and myself.  My education has trained me to be a management science analyst.  After completing college my interest shifted back to computers and I have sold and built computers since.

My current emphasis is on web development.  I am still open to business consulting.

Domain Registration services now available.  Please check out our pricing.  I think it is pretty good.  Registration Services 

I now also provide communcation productsCheck them out here.  New service available is Speakeasy Internet Services.  Some of my sites are served via my Speakeasy DSL.  Works great.  I have my long distance via Capsule Communications.

I am going to provide some links to sites that are mine, that I work on or that I just think there deserves to be a link to from my site.

Contact:  David Lucas

If you are looking for the link to the Cobalt RaQ4 update listing, it is here.  As of June 18, 2002 Sun has moved where the updates are available and have stopped updating the previous link.  I will continue to update my list with all updates ever listed.  The location of the downloads has not changed.  I have provided a few more details dealing with the Cobalt RaQ here.

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