The Company

Yeti Services is a small personal company for personalized service.  We want you to feel comfortable at all times with our service.  We specialize in smaller web sites for people who feel they need a presense on the internet.  We can provide web hosting and/or web design for you.  I sold computers for three years and then built and maintained them for the next seven years.  I can and will build you a custom system or network based on what you want and need.  I do some repair work for people that ask me to do so.  I install both network and telephone cabling.

Everyone today needs a presence on the internet.  I have a plans starting at just $100 per year.  That is correct, $100 per year and it comes with your own personalized url and email address.  Our first product is called FirstSite.  For more infomation and to order your site, click here!

I recently fell into the need for a computer telephony application.  I spent over six years working for a company that did computer telephony.  I decided I could build what I needed my self. (I did have a little pushing)  I surprised myself.  I evaluated a few development applications and chose one.  The application is up and running even surpassing my expectations.  If you are looking for a basic computer telephony application, give me a call.

If you feel we can help you, contact us here.


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